Vision The Long Shot


One of the visitor of asked, “What is ur page all about?” My response, “… im starting an online community that will able to share stories to live by. Stories that are inspiring that can change someone life for good.” Hmmm... My online elevator pitch did not spark interest, the visitor did not reply back.

After many months of planning and developing, STLB (acronym of Stories To Live By) was launched on September 22, 2014 with the dream that it will become viral. My co-worker and I invited friends and family, and advertised in FB to build followers. To date we have 162 likes, and 9 stories. And when you Google, Yahoo, or Bing  “Stories To Live By”, the website don’t even appear in the search result. In the Plan Develop/Do Check Adjust (PDCA) engineering model --- we are back to the drawing board to make adjustments: Make the Share Story link a prominent button; make image/picture optional; make FB message more enticing/engaging; find out more about Search Engine Optimization (SOE); and yadi-yadi-ya. What are we thinking? Should we communicate our vision first. We stopped.

We are ordinary people with a dream to leave a legacy to the digital world, and we don't want to wait until we get old or become free.  Our kids are the future generation. The future is online. Actually the future is now.  Generation thrive because of stories pass down by our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.  We learn about the family and their faith. How they overcome obstacles? How they become successful in their business and career? Who inspires them? Who are their role models? How they compete? And, many more. By learning the past, people can prepare for the future. Yes there are online books at Kindle, but what about the true and inspiring stories of ordinary people from you and me. Our children will read our stories online.  

We believe we found a purpose that is higher than ourselves to bring a community that will inspire people. We have the passion to achieve because it’s God’s calling to do good and to love our family and neighbors. We also believe that we have the potentials and providence to cultivate and grow STLB overtime and resources will come.

 Become part of the vision. Let us build the community to make STLB vision a reality. Let's live a life with a purpose. 

The vision of STLB is a long shot but great hockey player Wayne Gretzky said:
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


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