True Friends are Trustworthy

A dog is true and loyal friend.

Trustworthiness is about being dependable and reliable.  In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends.  Any man is considered blessed if he has a couple of true friends who can be counted on in both prosperity and adversity. 

Pepper Rodgers, a former UCLA football coach in 1971-73 had a tough season when he said in an interview, “My dog was my only friend, and I told my wife that man needs at least two friends. She brought me another dog.” 

True friends vs False friends 

True friends don’t exit the scene when life gets tough; instead, they exhibit loyalty and sacrificial love, supporting a friend in his time of trouble.

False friends are merely acquaintances who perceive personal gain though association, and they depart when storm of life arrive. 

Our life is full of challenge, and we need that somebody to rely on, and most of the time money is not the answer.  We just need to listen, empathize, and protects the innermost thoughts of a friend. When a person shares his fears, struggles, ambitions, and dreams, a true friend can be counted on to listen without judging, empathizer without pitying, and guide without lecturing. 

And if there’s nothing else you can do, seeking spiritual guidance and prayers would be the best help you can give to a friend. 

Last weekend was pretty emotional for me, I sent the message below to my friends and family after I found out that the radiation therapy of a good friend is not working for him. 

Dear friends and family:

I believe that one way or another you've been touched by our friend Mark's humor, friendship, and generosity. 

Over the past few months he was undergoing Radiation Therapy on his brain tumor, and despite the pain he showed so much positive outlook in life for he believes that God is good. 

God is good in deed... and All the time God is good because he is blessed with friends who’ve been supporting and praying for him. 

He needs more prayers from us... For today, the doctor found out that another tumor is growing faster than the first one. 

Mark has accepted this fate, but for those who loved him especially Vicky it is very difficult. 

I have no words to express my emotions except that I believe in God's plan which I don't understand today but with hope He will reveal in the future.  

If you need to get in contact or want to send a word of comfort to Vicky and Mark -- I will provide you their mobile number. 

I’m planning to visit them in Warrenton, Missouri this coming weekend, and I can arrange a carpool for those who would like to come. 

God bless.


Mark and Vicky have overwhelming replies to storm the heaven with prayers for healing and strengths from many friends from near and far. They are truly blessed with good friends. 


Challenge 1: Examine yourself. Are you true friend who is reliable and dependable in good or bad times?
Challenge 2: In terms of friendship apply the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 

Source: RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE by Orrin Woodward

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