Top 5 Father to Daughter Life Lessons

Top 5 Father to Daughter Life Lessons

When Theresa was born, Rose gave me the “Father to Daughter. Life Lessons on Raising a Girl.” by Harry H. Harrison Jr.  It’s a great complement to “Father to Son” book.

Harry advised it so well that raising a girl takes two parents:

"A mom to show her how to be a woman.
A dad to show her how to be independent.
A dad’s job is to make his daughter courageous.
   Fearless. To make her feel beautiful. To give her a sense of adventure.
To make her feel secure and confident.
The relationship between dad and a daughter is very simple:

    She will love her father and trust him completely, forever.
Because he’s her first love. Her first hero. The first man in her life."

The daughter’s book has 64 more pages than the son’s book with clear and simple words of wisdom to guide and inspire this God’s complex creation which only allow me to pick top 5 of father to daughter life lessons otherwise I will hit the article limit again.

The Wonder Years

  1. Realize from the beginning that even at one week old, she’s a girl. So she’s going to be just as charming, and just as mystifying as every other girl you know. Being her dad will not change this.
  2. Tell her from day one that she can accomplish anything.
  3. Let her sleep on your chest when she’s a baby. This is when the world begins to make sense.
  4. This cannot be said enough: Don’t give in to the urge to buy everything. (You’ll bankrupt the family.)
  5. Never permit her to talk back rudely --- to you or to her mother. Or anybody else, for that matter.

The Mystery Years

  1. Accept the fact that the loving tender angel you’ve spent the last decade with may disappear sometimes. She will return.
  2. Remember, teenage girls spend hours in their room doing something. No man has ever really figured out what that something is.
  3. Teach her that gossiping will eat her soul.
  4. Never call her names. No matter how mad you are. No matter what she did. If you do, she’ll remember it for the rest of her life.
  5. If you don’t approve of the way she looks before she goes out send her back to her room to start over. Be gentle but firm.

Girls and Spirituality

  1. The day she’s born; ask God to guide you in all aspects of raising her.
  2. Encourage her to look for the good in everybody, but to be aware of evil in the world.
  3. Stress to her that one key to happiness is never to take anything personally.
  4. Explain to her that God doesn’t speak in code. She can figure out what He wants if she just stays in contact with Him.
  5. Teach her that sometimes God has other plans.

Girls and Sports

  1. The first rule to lay down: Grades always come first.
  2. Reassure her that she will be okay if she gets hurt. (Reassure her mother of this, too.)
  3. Go jogging with her. Start when she’s young, so when she gets faster than you, she’ll still invite you to join her.
  4. Be prepared to be amazed by her accomplishments.
  5. Teach her how to win gracefully.

Girls and Money

  1. Show her how to save money. Start by letting her watch you save.
  2. Provide her with opportunities to earn money, starting at an early age.  Even a young child can clean her room, help sort and fold laundry, and water plants.
  3. Teach her to take her job/task seriously, no matter what the job/task.
  4. Give her a regular allowance. Raises and bonuses are possible, but should be earned.
  5. Explain to her that the greatest satisfaction of wealth is putting it to work to help other people.

Theresa just turned 11, and as she get older I will update the remaining sections about “Girls and Cars”, “Girls and Boys”,  and “Older Girls.”  For complete Father to Daughter Life Lessons, CLICK here to preview at Amazon.

Finally, 5 Keys in Raising a Girl:

  1. Always be involved in her life.
  2. Respect and honor her mom.
  3. Treasure every moment with her.
  4. Pray for her every day.
  5. Be her hero.
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