Top 10 Father to Son Life Lessons

Life Lessons for Boys and Sports.

I’m cleaning my office and I saw the small book with its cover already faded yellow titled “Father to Son. Life Lessons on Raising a Boy.”, and then all the happy and sad memories came back on raising Tim.  Yes, my Tim… Timmy… Timothy… Timber… as I called him is now a young man with a good character and promising career, and daring to make it to the world. As for me, I think I did a good job as a Dad with the love and support of my wife, family, and friends. 

 The book is not a be-all and end-all book for Dads; but it’s a great, quick, practical, and easy book to guide, to remind, to teach, and to inspire. 

Here are my Top 10 Father to Son Life Lessons

For Little Boys

  1. Treasure your time with your son.
  2. Read to him nightly. He’ll love it.
  3. Teach him to ride a two-wheel bike. It means freedom. Jog alongside.
  4. Ask him what he did today. Listen.
  5. Let him hang out with you. Remember, he has a need to be around you, to learn what being a man is all about.
  6. Race him. You’ll never forget the day he beats you.
  7. Never tell him boys don’t cry. Ask him why he’s crying.
  8. Don’t tolerate temper tantrums. Not now. Not when he’s 15. The world won’t.
  9. Don’t let him quit out of frustration. He won’t learn anything.
  10. Teach him that every life is precious.
    Bonus point
  11. Teach him never to be afraid to try new things.

For Boys and Sports

  1. Don’t forget that the point of sports when you’re a kid is to have fun.
  2. Celebrate after every game.
  3. If you find yourself yelling at him or the referee, take a book to the game and go sit far away from everyone else. They’ll think you’re a bit odd, but your son will appreciate it.
  4. Show him how to lift weights.
  5. Make him carry his own athletic bag.
  6. Do not criticize him after his games. He knows exactly what he did. He needs a father to support him. His coach will criticize him.
  7. Practice with him and he will get better. This goes for anything… including math.
  8. Keep in mind, if his soccer (or baseball or basketball or any game) team is more important to you than it is to him, something is wrong. With you.
  9. Teach him how to lose. Teach him how to win.
  10. Accept the fact he may not be a quarterback, he may be a tuba player. And a fine one at that.

For Boys and Spirituality

  1. Remember, your primary duty as a father is to develop your son’s spiritual well-being.
  2. Teach him the difference between lonely and being alone.
  3. Teach him success in the face of adversity is the greatest success of all.
  4. Talk to him about God, about Jesus, about Moses, (about Saints), about spiritual leaders often. Start this when he’s young and he won’t be shy talking about them as a teenager.
  5. Pray together as a family, then teach him to pray on his own.
  6. When he’s confronted with a serious problem, encourage him to ask God for help in solving it.
  7. Teach him that God answers every prayer. Sometimes with a no.
  8. Teach him that God can be trusted.
  9. Teach him to pray for his enemies.
  10. Teach him that forgiving someone isn’t a weakness, but the height of selfishness --- because it makes you feel so much better.

For Boys and Money

  1. Teach how to negotiate a raise.
  2. Teach him nothing is free.
  3. Never be afraid to say, “We can’t afford it.”
  4. Teach him that if he wants something bad enough, that is a reason to go to work.
  5. Teach him to save. Help him open a savings account.
  6. Teach him that if he can’t buy the best, buy the best value.
  7. Help him buy a small about of stock with his own money when he’s twelve. Think how rich he’ll be if he keeps that up for fifty years.
  8. Teach him to pay his bills promptly.
  9. Teach him to use a credit card only in emergencies, then give him one.
  10. Teach him to wait for sales.

For Boys and Girls

  1. Let your son know you’re as confused about women as he is.
  2. ..
  3. ..
  4. Hug and kiss his mother in front of him often. He’ll say he’s disgusted, but ignore him.
  5. ..
  6. ..
  7. Never criticize his mother in front of him. Never, never, never.
  8. ..
  9. ..
  10. Encourage him to ask out that blonde.

For Older Boys

  1. Teach him to set goals. Start small. For many teenage boys, just setting the alarm clock is a goal.
  2. ..
  3. ..
  4. Teach him never to give up.
  5. ..
  6. ..
  7. ..
  8. ..
  9. Teach him to call his mom.
  10. In the end, LET HIM GO.

I’m sorry for the dots above, I can’t write them all, I'm over the article's words limit.  For complete life lessons, order at Amazon for $0.01 used hard-cover copy or $7.52 Kindle by clicking the book picture link below.

by Harry H. Harrison, Jr ( I don't know this author but I like his book. LOL)

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