Tim's Story

Tim Santos new life to live, a story to live by. Before and after.

Long before Facebook, my family sends Christmas letters to friends and family to catch up with what happened during the year.  2003 was a different year. This was the letter:

Life has different seasons --- season of pain and struggle, season of hope, season of joy, and season of celebration.

The year 2003 started with high hopes for us.  Tonie has a good job at MasterCard International, and Roselyn has a job as Pharmacist at Beverly Hills Pharmacy.  Timothy was doing excellent in school academics being in the honor roll.  He was also busy with his music at the Young Catholic Musicians as a singer while he took private lessons in piano and guitar.  He was also the right fielder in the 6th grade baseball team.  His team won 8 of their 12 games.  Last year (2002), Tim was in the soccer team, and since their 1st grade year, they were the division champions.

All is well and life is good, when suddenly Tim was sick with a life-threatening illness that led him into coma.  For us the whole world just ended.  We woke up just thinking what our life will be without Tim. Together with our family, friends, and the community, we prayed for Tim’s recovery --- a miracle to happen.  It was a painful moment, however, we did not lose hope from God, and a second life was bestowed upon Tim. We thank all of you for your prayers, and moral support.

Every Christmas is a season of joy, but this Christmas is more special than the previous, because we also have a big reason to celebrate the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ, in conjunction with Tim’s health, plus we are expecting on February 2004 a baby girl, Theresa Rose.

When we almost lost a life, with total trust in God, He gave us two in return.

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

With love and prayers,

Tonie, Roselyn, and Tim Santos

The illness was glomerulonephritis encephalopathy which started with simple sore throat strep virus but somehow end up in the kidney. The kidney started failing which affected the heart, and then the brain.  The doctors told us that Tim may not live. The St Louis Mercy Hospital does not have the facilities and staff to give the best care, so Tim was transferred to Cardinal Glennon Childrens Hospital.  The doctors at Cardinal Glennon did not give us any assurance of survival.  All we have is PRAYERS and HOPE that he would live.  After three days of coma, Tim responded with Yes or No by gripping his moms hand.  Miracle?  We BELIEVE it was miracle, with the hands of God working though the medical staff at Glennon.

Tim graduated on May 17, 2014 at University of Missouri St Louis with Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

He has a full life ahead of him.  Congratulations Tim.  

We love you,

Dad, Mom, and Theresa


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