Tim Tebow Takes the World By Storm

Tim Tebow - Super Bowl Champion of the People.

Fast forward to the future… Tim Tebow becomes a NFL starting quarterback and even lifts the Lombardi Trophy.  He wins the SUPER BOWL.

The media coverage goes through the roof. His fans say this was no surprise after dominating at the college level, but his lack of opportunity early in his career stunted his growth as a quarterback. Meanwhile, those that have constantly ridiculed him might only see it has a fluke or being the beneficiary of a great team around him. Ultimately, the media, his fans, and his detractors all seem to have mixed opinions.

Media Attention

Despite being a rather ineffective signal caller at the NFL level, Tim Tebow remains one of the most talked-about players in the league today. Whether it be his displays of religious faith or his unique playing style or his recent training with Manny Pacquiao, people seem to like to talk about the former Florida Gator.

Non-Football Connection

The Super Bowl has grown to the point that it is not just another sporting event. Between the over-the-top halftime performances to the money spent on commercials to the actual game itself, it has a chance to boost a player’s stock in an instant. However, with a player like Tebow involved, it might bring in even more viewers. Throughout his college and professional career, Tebow has been known for his devout Christian faith. He has shared his faith both in various places in the United States, as well as in the Philippines (where he was born).

Football Experts, Players, Coaches, and Owners

Anyone that’s ever followed football knows Tebow’s throwing mechanics need some work. Despite winning the Heisman Trophy in college and being a first round pick, the issues with throwing the football have held him back in trying to get a starting job. Coaches know this, fellow players are aware of it, and owners are hesitant to invest their money in someone with this in their repertoire.

Tim is so passionate in his dream that he practices like a mad man and keeps improving his quarterback throwing skills.  And he really improved.  Add in a revamped approach here with his present ability to run the ball and create plays with his feet could lead to him to being a special player.


I can feel Tim believes so much in his dream. This is how he was recreated if you open his heart, you will see the valve pumping the blood of a winner, and the artery is gushing with passion.   His destiny --- THE CHAMPION of the PEOPLE.

Realistic or Unrealistic?

Image Source:  Tebow. From Through My Eyes (front cover), by Timothy Tebow, 2011, New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers. Copyright [2011] by Jeremy Cowart Photography.

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