The Secret Behind the Cinderella Story

Race2Recovery Team

Race2Recovery team members with their Land Rover support vehicles on arrival in Rosario, Argentina [Picture: Copyright Francois Flamand, DPPI]
Success isn’t given; it’s earned, on the track, on the field, in the gym. With the blood, sweat and the occasional tears.’ 

How many times in a day we normally plan to do something big and then give up without trying just because we THINK that we CAN’T. All of us dream big, because it’s free, only few of us make their dreams come true, because bigger the dream, bigger the payment. Your success lies in your own hands, you just have to open them and let it grow. It’s all about the mind set, once you’ve decided that you have to win only then you can fight against all the odds, otherwise little edges will break you down. We can have the example of retired British army officers. Some of who lost their legs, or arms, or were injured anyway, they completed the game Dakar, in South America where even the temperature is not favorable. It’s not a small thing, despite they didn’t win, and taking part and completing it with that state of body is no small deal.  

In 2014, the British army officer Race2Recovery team operates in accordance with the motto “beyond injury, achieving the extraordinary”

Cinderella Defined

Cinderella often refers to someone that goes from “rags to riches”. They start out poor, dejected, and miserable, and end up rich, champion, and happy.  In between is someone divine or real person to make the story a happy ending.  However, behind the happy ending involves blood, sweat, and tears.  

Miracles like appearing of a fairy god mother when Cinderella was all helpless can happen with each one of you, all you need is a will, and hard work. Cinderella made herself a very pretty dress when she was so short of good stuff, she finished all her work within no time, and then what happened? Well, forget the sad part when her step mother left her; remember she went to the ball, when all the odds were against her.

Coach: A Modern-day Fairy God (Mother) Father

Angelo Whittis is not a new name in the game of football. He was one of the homeless children in America. He had a tough childhood, no permanent place to sleep. He had a hard time in school as well, and after turning 15 he started attending a new school and there he met football coach Corey Parker. He gave him a training to become a quarterback also he took him home with him and gave him all that he lacked. Point is life gives opportunities to all of us, only a few of us avail them. Now his coach proved to be his fairy god mother, but never ignore the fact that Angelo Whittis worked very hard. And when you work endlessly without giving up, it is not possible miracles won’t happen.

Miracle Do Happen

It’s March. Here in the USA, it called the March madness for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Who is the Cinderella team this year?  We will find out. But, in 2006 George Mason Patriots was the unlikely team that shocked the basketball nation. Nobody believed in them except themselves. The experts did not expect them to win. But, always expect the unexpected, miracle happens!  All their hard work paid off with sweet victory.

How About You?

Our life has many miracles. We are lucky because if we keep working hard our clock won’t strike 12.  That’s the secret behind the Cinderella story:  HARD WORK and NEVER BACK DOWN. Never say never, because limits like fears, are often just an illusion. Magic will happen!

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