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USA Army Peter Navarro

Specialist Peter J Navarro was born in Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1985. As a military son, he moved and experienced life and culture in various parts of the United States and Europe before finally settling down with his parents in Wildwood, Missouri.

Although accepted to Truman University, Peter entered military service just two months after graduating from Lafayette High School.  He was assigned to the 2-70 Armor, Alpha Company and deployed with the unit to Iraq in February 2005.

Peter was proud to be a soldier and very proud to serve his country. He knew the risk when he joined the Army, but he believed that his life would have more meaning if he could make a difference in someone’s life. Prior to his deployment, he spent Christmas getting to know and bonding with relatives in the Philippines. In an email to his cousins he wrote about his purpose as a soldier saying:

“I got to know everyone better and being with all of you reminds me of why I fight. Every soldier needs something or someone to fight for and at first, I really had none. We men, we soldiers live short lives, but if shedding our blood we keep safe those we love then I gladly give mine. You all have made me a better soldier and a better man than I was before, for I no longer fight for a cause I do not know, or a man I have never met, but I fight for you.”

Peter and three other soldiers died on December 13, 2005, while conducting operations directly in support of the Iraqi elections. According to their commander, their mission was to prevent the enemy from attacking a town by establishing an observation post to take control of a known mortar and rocket firing point. He said that although it was difficult to measure success in Iraq, the election was proof that their sacrifice was not in vain. In the city that the unit was protecting, election participation exceeded 90 percent.

Peter received the Purple Heart Award.

Thank you Peter, your memories will live forever in our hearts.

Published with permission from Rowena Navarro, mother of Peter.


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