My Worthless Rant


I got up early Saturday morning... Walked my son's dog Roscoe... And then fed him.  

I brewed a Keurig coffee, and I headed up to the office determined to write a story for STLB. 

I turned on the computer, and I double clicked on the Chrome browser, then googled "Stories to Live by."

Ah, it's still the number one on the top of Google result.  

I usually do this type of search to tell Google that STLB is being search, otherwise it may drop the ranking down from number one. 

I clicked the "Images" option on the results page, and Google displayed all images related to "Stories to Live by..."

I was captivated by the many related images. I clicked one image, and the article behind it, read it, and then another images while sipping my coffee.

One click after the other took me to surfing mode, until I realized I it's almost noon, and the wife and daughter needed something.  Time flies. Really?  And, I have to run an errand. 

Did this ever occur to you? Somehow the internet swallowed your time, and you totally forgot what you first intended to do.  I guess that's part of being a human…. To be entertained… Or, to procrastinate...

Now it’s Sunday night, and I’m tired from all the day’s activities, and my brain is frozen. 

Oh well, I’m sorry my dear STLB subscribers, this is what you got... not a story but my worthless rant. 

Aye yai yai.  'Till next time.

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