The Most Important Word in the Vocabulary

Your name is the most important word in the vocabulary

My 10-year old Theresa and I were grocery shopping on Saturday noontime. As usual it was busy, everyone was in a rush, and people’s faces were stressed and some looked hungry. The checkout lady was no different and she was tired.  After she bagged our items, and I paid. I’m ready to rush out, then all of a sudden:

Theresa uttered after reading the name tag of checkout lady, “Thank you, SANDRA!”

Whoa, there was a moment of silence in there: people stopped chatting and no barcode sound scanning --- people paused and saw Sandra light up, and then replied with a smile, “You are welcome!”  And, everything went back to normal.

What is the most important word in the vocabulary?  It’s your NAME.  Addressing people by their name is the best way to establish good relationship, and it makes people happy.  If you don’t know their name, don’t be shy; ask for their name. You can call them Bro or Sis, Sir or Madam but it’s absolutely important to address the people by their name.  As added bonus, do it with a little excitement when you see them, and some magic will happen.

In emails, open with a greeting with their name like, “Hello Morgan:”  

In text, ping with the name first such as “Hey Josh.”

In phone calls, greet with their name like, “Good afternoon, Tracy.”

Close out with a “Thank you” note, and their NAME.

It may take extra keystrokes, but it’s all worth it because people love hearing their name.  Address them with a smile and sincerity, and these may happen:

You will get things done.

You will get some discounts.

You will get good service.

You will establish rapport.

You will feel happy.

Try it. It works.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.


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