Live well Love much and Laugh often

I searched for the keyword Family. Result 766,792 books.  I searched for Friends.  Result 67,859 books --- that is a huge disparity of books written about friendship.   While we can’t compare the value between friends and families, friends can become our second family.  Oftentimes, friends are people who provides comfort, support, guidance, companionship, and fun.

When you have a new job, and your teammates become friends, you look forward to put your talent and skills in the workplace.  And when you moved on to the next job, you don’t remember the goals that were accomplished from the previous instead the vivid memories of co-workers who became your friends. You remember the high-fives and the victory celebration after make a customer happy or completing the projects - big and small.

When you move into a new city, and life becomes a little easier when you meet new friends until they become the glue that holds life and faith.   Your children become friends of your friend’s children. You go camping, bowling, fishing, biking, and running among other things.  Friends becomes meaningful when you volunteer together in a philanthropic work that aligns with your values.  The fellowship during gathers makes it stronger and stronger.

When family members get sick, friends go out from their hectic schedule to visit you, bring food and flowers, and give heartwarming get-well cards.  They have words to comfort, and prayers for hope.

Friendship is truly life greatest treasure.  If you lost your friend's contact, find them in Facebook. Write a "thank you" note in their Facebook timelines for the memories you had in school, work, or play.  If they are in your phone address book, surprise them with a text or call today.  Uplifting words will make their day, or maybe you have to say sorry for something. True friends forgive and forget. Don't save your words because life is too short.

"Live well, love much, and laugh often"  Yes, live well, love much, and laugh often with your friends.


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