I’m Still Waiting, But He Will Never Come

Loneliness and hardships are universal.   So as, the human spirit…  to hope,  to survive,  and to love again.

Many of us grew up with wonderful memories of our father. You must cherish those memories dearly because not all has a happy story. 

This story came from a contributor in Pakistan who wanted to remain anonymous.

He came back early from his morning prayers and asked me to hurry up, he had somewhere to be. My Dad dropped me to school every morning with a ‘Study well’ note. I almost swallowed my breakfast, kissed my mother and left for school. On the way, I wondered that I used to kiss my mother every day, but when was the last time I kissed this man sitting next to me who works tirelessly just to give us a luxurious life? It has been ages since, my heart echoed but I was too shy to ever do it.

"Study well", the usual chant came as we reached school. I reminded him of the Parent Teacher Meeting and he was supposed to attend that at 10am. I told him I can manage if he was busy, but he replied, "I may get late, but I will come. Wait for me." And so I did.

Waited and waited, for hours and hours, till the bell rang and it was time to go home.

I was really mad at him. He should have told me at least if he wasn’t going to come.

I got home and saw the main door wide open with a bulk of shoes on the doorstep. I knew something had happened. I stepped in, walked to my parent’s room and there he lay down, to never wake up again. He was wearing that same dress I last saw him smile in, the same jacket and even that pen he tucked in his front pocket was where it always used to be. Everything was there, he wasn’t. I heard someone say he had a heart attack and then it went dark. I woke up after he was buried deep down.

I couldn’t get over the flashbacks of him telling me "I may get late, but I will come. Wait for me".

Life seemed to be in the worst phase and I didn’t know what to look forward to.

But every time I pictured him, I felt like he was asking me to be strong. He hated when I ate a lot at school and skipped lunch with him. It’s been five years since and I really miss him, but I know he is in a better place.

Today, I’m a strong girl, vulnerable to nothing. There is absolutely nothing since then which made me feel hopeless, because I survived my worst nightmare. Sometimes you need to fall hard to bounce higher than ever. I’m a survivor and I believe life is worth all hardships.  


Rich or Poor.  Black or White or Brown. Young or old.  Loneliness and hardships are universal. 

So as, the human spirit…

to hope,

to survive,

and to love again.

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