How I found the courage to pursue my dreams

swim out to your goals

More often than not, we get the inspiration to pursue our dreams from the most unexpected places. We are all endowed with different sets of natural skills and abilities which; sometimes without our knowing so, are closely linked with our passions/dreams. We are usually discouraged from pursuing such dreams by a number of self-limiting factors, chief among which is a lack of belief in our innate talents and/or abilities. This is particularly true for me as you will discover from this brief account of how I kick started my writing career after wasting many years questioning my writing abilities.

Right from my college days, I always nursed this dream of being a writer. I had this vision of myself as a successful blogger cum freelance writer. I had actually taken blogging and writing courses after which I went as far as choosing and registering a domain name for my supposed blog. At the end of it all, the blog didn’t take off because of one major reason: I wanted to publish self-written content on the blog, but seriously doubted that what I had written was good enough for other people to read, talk more of learn from. I would write a number of articles and end up not publishing them because I didn’t believe they were good enough (I had a morbid fear of failing to impress my prospective readers with my “poorly written articles”).  

This trend of writing and trashing articles continued for a very long time until I met Jay; whom I now regard not only as a friend, but also my mentor. He was the first person who; after reading some of my manuscripts, pointed out to me the fact that my only problem was a lack of belief in my writing ability. According to him, the articles he went through were not only excellently written, but also captivating. Being who I was (thanks to him, I am now a better version of my former self), I didn’t believe him. I went as far as accusing him of patronizing me. Thanks to his understanding nature, this did not deter him as he kept on badgering me to give it a shot. We kept at it until he finally convinced me to sign up for Fiverr, an online freelance marketplace. He actually walked me through the process of registration and creating my “gigs”.

After 4 months and about 40 deliveries, I daresay I am now fired up to take on the world. The first 5 positive reviews I got from buyers were to me, the most precious gifts I’d ever received in my life. One review by a buyer named Amalgam marked the point when I started to believe that I had what it takes to make a successful writer. He wrote; and I quote, “It was the first time working with Amanda. She did a great job and completed it with lightning speed. Thank you! I’ll be back”. It served as a real morale booster and as I write this piece, I am now a regular guest blogger on blogs run by some friends I met through Jay. My personal development blog will go live in a few weeks!

The message I’m trying to get across with this story is the fact that you can never know if you can do it until you actually do it. True; you should not test the depth of water with both feet, but then you can’t know the depth by standing on the banks. So whatever doubts and obstacles you may face, just go ahead and do it!


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