How Fitness Put Me on the Path to Success

Fitness Put Me on the Path to Success

Many thank a certain life change for putting them on the right path but fitness really did change my life. My story began soon after I finished school. Since I had the time I decided to start living a healthier life. I was always thin but my diet was terrible and I never exercised. Through the years I always noticed that I was lacking something. I was never as strong as I wanted to be and I always wanted to improve my body and build muscles in a few areas such as the arms, glutes and calves (my legs were in serious need of muscle mass). My goal was to be a stronger woman both inside and out and I saw health and exercise as the way to do that.

I did some extensive research on how to train in addition to how to eat well and immediately jumped into this new lifestyle. The nutrition portion was easy but the exercise was another story. I never really exercised before aside from running and the occasional game of basketball so I started small. I grabbed a set of 5 lb. dumbbells and began with 3 sets of 10 reps for my arm workout, 30 squats for the glutes and about 10 lunges per side to target the calves. After some time my body was getting stronger and real progress was being made. Every few weeks the weight I was lifting was going up, I could do more reps per set and my exercise plan was steadily evolving. Slowly but surely my body was changing and I loved it! Aside from aesthetics, fitness had an effect on my mind as well. My mental strength and overall focus was unstoppable.

Once I started to notice the results I was hooked and really got into strength/weight training. I was amazed that fitness and healthy eating can give someone the ability to transform their body. After about a year I had put on some serious mass (in a very feminine way of course), felt much healthier and was literally in the best shape of my life. In addition to that I gained a lot of knowledge during my fitness journey and wanted to share it with others. This desire to help got me into fitness writing. I entered the field of professional writing right after graduating school but I was having a hard time finding my specialty. Fortunately my new lifestyle helped me figure that out and inspired me to start my own business to offer my writing services. To my surprise such work is in high demand and before I knew it business was booming and it hasn’t slowed down yet.

One simple change not only transformed my body but put me on the path to a successful career. Without it, who knows where I would be today. Imagine what it could do for you?


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