Family First. Simple Advice about Giving from Grandma

Grandma Wisdom to Give, Love and Share

A page in Grandma Sol’s journal asked, “What advice would you give future generations….?”


To my family, I advise them to

be helpful always if they could afford it,

to be loving and caring to their

brothers and sisters, relatives and friends.

If you are kind, thoughtful and caring,

people will like you,

and you will have many friends.

The more friends you have,

the happier are you.

If you share your blessings,

more blessings will come to you.

If you are lucky in life,

don’t hesitate to share those blessing

To others especially those who are

less fortunate than you.

If you love others, God will always

love you in return.

Simple wisdom.  Simple advice. 

Is it easy to give, to share, and to love?

Reality is our current society teaches and accepts a “me first” attitude and “to hell with yours, as you are not important, only me”.

What would you do?

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