Emotionally Strong

Emotional Intelligence

Over dinner with my kids, we had our usual conversation about what happened during the day. The topic about overachiever came about.

Growing up I don’t remember my parents hammering me to study hard, get high grade, and go for the honor roll.  I don’t remember them sitting down with me to complete my school homework. What I remember is that they would keep telling me that education is the only inheritance I will get because they have nothing.  Maybe my parent was just too busy to bring food on our table. Or maybe, my parents without being aware was also molding me to be an emotionally strong individual.  I tried to be good in school but there are really intelligent students who can ace exams after exams that in my young and average mind can’t fathom how they do it.   I don’t know where those high IQ (Intelligent Quotient) classmates now. I learned through the years that intelligence is not a big factor in success.  The EQ or Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence plays a great role in one’s success.  Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “In the Long Run, EQ Trumps IQ.” 

I’m still work in progress and it’s good to know that there are many resources out there about EQ that I can learn.  

Being emotionally strong is to be grateful, and thankful. There must be a sense of contentment. But do not settle for less with your hopes and dreams. Achieve them, and don’t give up easily.   If you fail, be ready to pull yourself up, and try again but don’t commit the same mistakes repeatedly.  If you see other people become successful, be happy for them. Congratulate them. Study and learn their stories, and be inspired to make your own success story.

Being emotionally strong has the ability to adapt change.  Business change, rules change, technology change, customers change, people change --- why resist?  Emotionally strong people don’t waste time and energy to things or situation or change that they can’t control. Look for the positives and benefits of the change.  Progress and innovation happen because of change.

Being emotionally strong is being mindful of others. You must able to anticipate the needs of others but don’t worry of making everyone happy. In conflicts, be able to resolve with confidence. In stressful and challenging situation, be humble and able to get cooperation of others, and if you can sprinkle some humor and fun is a big plus.

I hope this helps and inspires.  If your have a high EQ, I know you will celebrate. 

There’s a good article about EQ at Helpguide.org. And, for an in-depth guide on emotional intelligence and emotional quotient – historical development, categories of emotional quotient, importance of emotional intelligence, and strategies to boosting your emotional intelligence, go to CLEVERISM.COM.



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