Emily's Gooey Butter Story

Gooey Butter

My husband and I were about to have lunch at "Breadco" Panera Bread when I remembered to check the pastry/bread section if there was "Gooey butter pastry".  My daughter Emily, 9 just had her birthday and since then after 3 weeks, been craving and requested for "Gooey butter cake" for her birthday party and her most favorite is the one you can get at "Breadco".  I have been looking for "Gooey butter cake" in every pastry shop I know in the area and I actually even bought ingredients to bake from scratch to satisfy Emily's craving and request. Anyway, as I was looking at the counter, I spotted 1 last "gooey butter" and was so excited until the lady behind the counter took it and placed it on a plate for the customer who ordered the last piece.  My jaw dropped!  I couldn't hide my frustration!  The customer by the counter as she was taking her "gooey butter pastry" saw my expression and immediately asked me if I wanted it and she was happy to give it to me.  I said, no I couldn't do that, it's just that....  As I explained, my daughter has been asking for "gooey butter".  I told her the story behind her "craving and request for her birthday."  She didn't even think twice!  She said, I feel so blessed today, I want to share my blessing to others and she even paid for the pastry.  I was trying to pay for her order in exchange of her good gesture but she said she was so happy, she wants to do it!

I was very happy as well and felt blessed!  The lady who was very blessed that day wanted to spread her blessing as I had the same feeling of being blessed and wanted to share it to others!  

When my husband and I went home, we shared this beautiful story to our daughter Emily, as she was happily munching her "gooey butter pastry"!


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