Don’t Get Advice from Chicken

don't get advice from a chicken

In the corporate world there is a story about people working on projects compared to a bacon-and-egg breakfast. The chicken provides the eggs which are not difficult to produce, and the pig provides the bacon which requires ultimate sacrifice.   Both eggs and bacon are needed to produce the breakfast.  Not everyone can be a pig who is very committed; otherwise everyone will be star employees. The chickens are just involved.

In our personal life there are chickens and pigs who come and go.  Both types of people shape us on whom we are.  When chickens leave your life, they are just part of the experience, whereas the pigs are the ones who become your best friends, and when they go away will make your heart ache because their memories will last your lifetime.

Here are some teachable experiences from different kind of chickens.

The Chicken Salesman pretending to have the better financial plan.   

For me it’s really difficult to say no to friends, and one of my tenets in life is to help friends.  Some companies would use our friends to buy to their financial products. 

Strike 1:  A son of a family friend found a job as financial consultant.  He was enthusiastic and convincing that I moved my retirement money to his company’s portfolio.  In a few months,  I found out that he was not working in the financial industry anymore.  My account was managed by a person that I don’t know.

Strike 2: A friend who was just got widowed at that time was finding a way to make money.  She came to our house with a financial consultant, and somehow convinced me to close my variable life insurance to term life, and invest the proceeds to mutual funds.  Again in a few months, our friend is not selling or referring insurance anymore.

Strike 3: A friend sold us a mortgage product to pay only the interest. At closing we were shocked about the humongous fees involved that our friend did not tell us. To be civilized about the situation, and not to put our friend in a bad rapport with his company, we went ahead with the deal.   Again after a few months, we learned that our friend was not doing mortgage anymore.

After I committed my finances and thought for a long term relationships, the chickens just made a sale that somehow lost part of our friendship. 

It took some time to undo my mistakes and learned how to manage my personal finances.  It is best to find a financial advisor who will commit with you long term.

The Chicken Speaker preaching the ideals of living the life.

There are two types of speaker.  One who lives by what he/she preach, and the other who gives lips service which I called the chicken speaker.  Be careful of the chicken speaker who talks about ideals of living the life. They seem to have the ideal family, ideal work ethics, ideal relationships, and ideal leadership skills.  They are eloquent and persuasive that you follow their advice and you become committed to the standard or organization that they stand for.

It was my mistake of making a chicken speaker as role model of my family and friends.  When ideals were tested the chicken was not around to live up to the standard that once preached.  The chicken chicken out in difficult situations.

My take now is that we can try to become ideal and perfect, but we can only achieve excellence.

Chicken Networker as a good cheerer.

Chickens seem to have the network of people that will try to get you into something, and will leave you helpless when you get committed. At one time in my life, this guy and maybe his friend brought someone from out of town to present about building houses for the needy. This guy approached me and said, “You can do it” while I was emotionally high. Through his encouragement, I actually committed to the work of funding and building houses, and did everything at my disposal to help.  The guy hung in for some months and finally chicken out.  Literally he abandoned the work, and never talked about helping the poor ever again --- up to this day. 

The chicken networker was a blessing in disguise because as I continued with the work I met new people who joined me in the cause, and they became best of friends --- up to this day.

My decision “to do it” made my faith stronger, but how I wish the chicken networker was part of the wonderful memories of “doing it”.  He missed the fun and friendships --- big time!

From a Committed Pig.

We stay committed. We are dreamers. We are doers. We put action and we make things happen.  By any means, we live and learn.

And here again is the fable of the Chicken and the Pig.

Chicken comes up and says: "Hey Pig, I was thinking we should open a restaurant!"

Pig replies: "Hmmm, maybe, what would we call it?"

The Chicken responds: "How about  bacon-n-eggs'?"

The Pig thinks for a moment and says: "No thanks. I would be committed, but you would only be involved."

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