Be there for your child No matter what

Paper Heart

Life is always busy. 

We have demands from work, community, family, and sometimes friends. The demands will always be there. However, none of these demands should take precedence over your child. 

Be there for your child no matter what.

Our influence as Dads will live forever in our children's heart.

At least for now, my daugther gave me a paper heart.

"I love (you) to the moon and back.

I hope you remember the GREAT times,

you gave me your iPad,

sneaking in McDonalds, and more.

You are there always for me,

from my first swimming class,

and teaching me tennis for the first time.

HEY, remember when we went golfing,

I FAIL(ed), but you helped me get up."

Be there for your child no matter what. 

Be there at the teacher-parent conference.

Be there at their birthdays.

Be there at the piano lessons.

Be there at their school plays.

Be there at the field trips.

Be there at the church on Sunday with them.

Take the front seat of your child activities.

Before you know it, they have grown up.  Don't miss the joy and the drama of the best play in your child's life.

It's a one time show.  Be there no matter what. 


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