Arnold Schwarzenegger, Building the Dream Brick by Brick

“Rule #2 is break the rules so I chose to break rule #4, which is work my butt off. Now I am lying in bed eating nachos and watching motivational videos”  was one of the comments from You-tube viewer of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rules of Success which I almost fell out from my chair laughing out loud.

Another comment was Arnold was given a speech to read.  One viewer questioned, “How do I know he's not giving me the wrong advice?” 

To answer that question is to look at Arnold’s life.

At a very young age Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to move out of from his small village in Austria.

Money was problem in their household for Gustav, his father working as policeman.  Aurelia, his mother wanted him to go to trade school, and the father wanted him to become a policeman.

However, Arnold had a bigger dream: to be rich and to be somebody.

He formulated his plan when he was 14 years old after watching a reel of a John Wayne movie. 

Hollywood, California, United States of America will make Arnold’s dream a reality.

It was through self-evaluation that Arnold’s potentials were his amazing body and his relentless attitude to pursue his dream. 

He started an intensive body building program, studied the power of mind over body at 15, and at 17 officially started his competitive career.

At age 18, the Austrian government requires young adult to serve one year in the military, and he went on Absence without Leave (AWOL) to take part in a bodybuilding competition.  He spent a week in a military prison for the offense which he did not care because the competition is much more important to him.

At age 20, Arnold became the youngest ever Mr. Universe which he holds the title from 1968-1970.

Mr. Universe was his ticket to America where he arrived in 1968 with empty pockets but full of dreams, full of determination, full of desire.

rare photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold next move was to become the greatest bodybuilder in the world --- Mr. Olympia.

He cannot just do body building all day.  On the sides, Arnold and his friend started a bricklaying business which sustained their livelihood.   The business opened their mail order business, selling bodybuilding and fitness-related equipment and instructional tapes ventures. 

It was not easy, on average Arnold only slept for 6 hours.  He has to put all everything together, the business, the acting lessons, and the bodybuilding.  He also had to overcome his little English, and thick Austrian accent.

Arnold won 2nd place Mr. Olympia in 1969. He did not stop, and the following year, he won 1st place, and held the title of Mr. Olympia for the next 7 years until 1980. 

Mr. Olympia title brought more success.  He became a writer, restaurant owner, investor, actor and governor.


It started with a dream. Inspired by a role-model through a movie, Arnold devised a plan according to his potentials, and then he built his success layer by layer like a strong brick wall and by following the 6 rules of success with passion.

Arnold is still building his brick wall.  Eventually the final story will reveal his legacy to common people --- to you and me.  What will it be?

A Challenge To You.

Right now, you decide the brick wall of your life.

Whatever action do you do today is a layer of brick of how that wall will become in the future.

The secret is out. You don’t need to be Mr Olympia to be successful. You can be:
USA Presidential Chef
NASCAR Champion
New York bestseller author
New York Broadway star
The doctor who invented the cure to AIDS
The next software company giant: MACROSOFT  :-)
The next Ralph Lauren
The next Mother Teresa


You are the guy who chose:

“Rule #2 is break the rules so I chose to break rule #4, which is work my butt off. Now I am lying in bed eating nachos and watching motivational videos”

You-tube video by Yoan Barouk
Image by YWUWOX.

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