God’s Mysterious Ways according to a Comedian

When a comedian talks about God’s Mysterious Ways, should we listen…? Or we just ignore because the talk is about to entertain you.   Or, maybe, just maybe… it is God’s mysterious ways to get your attention.  Watch.

Reflect for a moment that there is Somebody up there who looks after you, who has a better plan, and who loves you. And all you need to do is to trust.

But often times when we face problems or trying to get what we want, we solve it by ourselves and we come out empty handed.   

So, whatever it is you are going though, do not put it alone upon yourself.

Discern what God is leading you.

Do not question Him --- have faith to believe that everything will work together for good. 

Take action and involve others if you must. You cannot rely on yourself alone. People around are God sent to guide, to help, and even to protect.

There was a joke after the big hurricane way back in 2005 when a religious man was stranded on roof of his house around a gushing flood.  He prayed to God for help.

Then a Coast Guard boat came to get him, and he said, “God will save me, go get others!” and the Coast Guard left.
He kept praying, and within less than an hour a helicopter was hovering above with a rope ladder, and he waved then yelled to the pilot, “Don’t worry about me, get others. God will help me.”  And, the helicopter flew away.

Soon enough the water rose, and he drowned.  When his soul finally met God, he asks why God did not help him.  God said, “I sent you a boat and a helicopter. You ignored them, and now you are here!”

Anyway, when God sends you his mercy and grace just accept it and enjoy the benefits as Rowan Atkinson puts it in his sermon.

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