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Growing up my dad always told me, "For whatever you do, the end must justify the means."  I believe he was the most honest and hardworking government lawyer/prosecutor in the city where we live in the Philippines.  He dreamed of traveling to Rome but never ever taken an airplane flight in his entire life. He got sick, and used his lump-sum retirement money to pay for medical bills because there is no government assistance in the 3rd world country. I felt he gave up the reason to live because he does not want to bother his children to pay for his hospitalization. We should be thankful for our medical system here in the United States even if we think it’s bad; it is still best in the world. He lived a modest life, and compared to an average US government employee, he was poor. The point of the story is that your goals must be good and noble, and the means you use to achieve must be good and noble.  You will always be given a choice of good or bad, legal or illegal, moral or immoral.  Always choose what is good, legal, and moral.  Do not sacrifice your ethics and values for money. You must live with integrity and character, period. No ifs no buts.

My dad taught me to go to school, get high grades, and find employment.  Being an employee is the only way I know how to make money.  I love my job, and I’m the best in my area.  My work contributes to the success of my manager and my employer in return I’m paid constantly every month. I tried to live simple but there are things in life that I can’t help so I learned how to save even a little so that I can dig something in case of emergency. Right now, I feel safe and secured being employed. Maybe not for long because I’m getting old and I’m not able to compete with the young, smart, and daring new employees.

I started reading, and learned that there are other ways to make money according to author Robert Kiyosaki in his book The Business of the 21st Century:  

Self-employed.  Many people who got tired of being an employee become small business owner.  They achieve independence, and become self-employed.  Examples: Tax-preparer, consultants, lawn mowing business, restaurant owners, and mom and pop shops.  Self-employed people still need to keep on working otherwise the income will stop coming.

Business Owner. People in this category starts with nothing with powerful mission in life. They look for the best people to work for their team, and their mind-set is wealth-building.  I believe this is where Bill Gates was when they started Microsoft in 1975. The young people must study the life and principles of the great entrepreneur from the past and present, e.g. Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates; and be inspired to build business.  Like the life of the great entrepreneurs they suffered failures but they were focused to achieve their life mission so no matter how long it takes they continue to put their team work, hard work, patience, and perseverance until they archive their mission in life and by doing so they earn abundance of money continuously.

Investor. The investor loves the idea of his money working instead of him working. This is the ideal but not everyone can be investor. You really need to know what you are investing. If you can take a big loss of money (I mean 200K or more) in stocks, bonds, real estate, futures (gold, silver, etc); and you are still able to sleep at night then go for it --- be an investor.

Whatever you want to be Employee, Self-employed, Business Owner, or Investor take the advice from Franklin D. Roosevelt that “Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”

And, for whatever your goal is:  DREAM BIG. Choose Good. Work Hard. Have Fun. Live Happy. Leave a Legacy.

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Great topic! How I wish the young generation discover this early. We have been programmed differently by way our parents were programmed by their parents as well. True, money may not buy happiness but surely money can can buy freedom and freedom can buy happiness. Zig Ziglar said money is secondary to oxygen and lack of it may cause someone to choke and pass out.

You are absolutely correct. Our parents taught us what they know. Even schools do not teach us how to manage money. With our new awareness about money, it is now our responsibility to teach our children.